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Asia Link Apparels (BD) Ltd,
Garments/Apparel Buying house in BD.

Order Placed in Compliance Factory

Order placed in organized and international standard maintained factory. Buyer compliance checklist garment industries are in our list.

Supervising Work Progress

We have own experienced merchandiser and Quality Controller that maintain 100% quality assured. We work on 100% buyers requirement. We never compromise with quality.

Quality Control

We have our own merchandiser and quality controller to maintain quality of the products. If buyers want to check quality of the product by their own quality controller, we welcome them. Buyer can check their own way before shipment.

In time shipment

Timely shipment is the main moto of our company. We try our best to ship the product within the given time frame. We discuss about the shipping arrangement during the initial discussion with the buyer.

We Innovate 99%

We feel proud when our customers love what they wear; therefore, we strive hard to take care of details with dedication and attention, always researching for new fabrics, washing effects and new styles.

We Collaborate 97%

Following international tendencies, but always preserving classic and vintage features, we work to obtain a final product that is qualitative, innovative, and at the same time in perfect harmony with actual exigencies.

We Manufacture 99%

Our key factor is the “garment dye”, which characterizes each collection we develop with unique shades and sensations, rendering each product a natural vintage look.

We Serve 100%

Our mission is to keep you in the driving seat throughout the design and production process. We utilize extensive industry knowledge to pick up on prime growth opportunities. Our expertise can be deployed to produce detailed analyses of your…